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released December 20, 2016



all rights reserved


SHGML Reading, UK

Sabastian West
Hi people, if you like my jams please support me as I am always in a state of financial crisis!

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Track Name: Paranoid
I feel bad
When I think I find a person that understands
The doubt and the worry of my SCHIZOPHRENIC head
I feel sad
When that person sees my messages and ignores me instead
But I am glad
I hope they find someone better than me
I feel stabbed when that person finally responds and says something so empty
Have you ever found the key, have you ever seen cameras in the walls
Have you ever dropped and weeped, have you ever heard screaming in the hall
And are you paranoid, that nobody likes you at all.
I feel bad
I feel sad
I feel paranoid
But I am glad
That she won’t see me
That she is happy being alone and empty
At least one of us is
Track Name: Let's Have A Pickout of The Certain People We Wouldn't Mind to Kill
Let’s have a pickout of the certain people we’d love to kill
Let’s take all of the medicine that will make our voices so shrill
Let’s divide up the ones that we’d like to conversate with just conversate with ourselves
I will stick with you for more than the sake of our mental health
Let’s attempt to make pictures of the figurite cell
That keeps cameras in the holes in our walls and makes our lives such hell
Then we’ll erase it with a magnet or number 2 pencil
Now I won’t say that I like you because you know it isn’t true
But at least I think you’re the only one that I can stick to
In god forsaken god mistaken societal trends
We’ll make songs that make fun of it
Existential crisis, people will deny us but that’s okay
Cuz bright lights will blind us and bright eyes will guide us
To a better place some day.
But for now, let’s stick around town, and judge all the white trash, like ourselves